Major Clients

Chagan Bujpal (Dy. C M Maharashtra)
Excellent Medical treatment, love and care given to me in my days of pain.
It is our duty (dharma) to make this most comprehensive natural health care system available for the health and longevity of the entire mankind. A professional organization like Shanthy Theeram with a national outlook can play a key role in ensuring high standards of education and delivery of ayurveda across the country. Let us join together for the recognition and growth of ayurveda as a mainstream health care system. I congratulate Mr. JacobThomas and his team for all his efforts in bringing Shanthy Theeram to this level.
Shri. Ravi Kishon (Bojupuri superstar)
“I wanted to extend a thank you for a wonderful weekend at Shanthy Theeram. The weekend affirmed my commitment to Ayurveda. Ayurveda can stand alone and it can also be a wonderful complement to Western medicine.”
Dr V. K Das(Med. Suprtd. Shri VBCH Silvassa)
Relaxing, treatment was excellent. Hope more advt is done & word of mouth will help. Best Wishes.
Ursula Jacquard, Munich, Germany
I ‘m happy and proud to be connected through Shanthy Theeram with dedicated professionals of the “Science of Life”, the finest holistic healing system and lifestyle. Born and raised in Germany, I find myself rooted in this great wisdom by my human nature. India’s ancient wisdom is a treasury of humanity. Great success and Happy Birthday Shanthy Theeram !
Rinku Choudary (House wife from Mumbai)
“Thank you so much for this amazing weekend, full of Ayurveda and local sightseeing. I had never experienced something like this. The location was just perfect and I meet some lovely people. You have been an amazing host. Thanks for the warm welcome and the smiling face of Rosmi throughout the session”.
A.N.Mehta (AGM BoB ARMB Allahabad)
I love the hospitality of the staff. They are very calm and helpful.
Mrs. Kirthy Chauhan (Owner of Mount Lit era English medium school Naroli, Silvassa)
We are entering a new era where the human spirit consciously experiences it’s essence, bringing a true rebirth to the ancient wisdom of ayurveda and its true purpose, enhancing our perception and well being, while preserving a harmonious balance between the manifested and its source.
Shri. V.Abraham , IAS Secretary(Education) UTs of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Ayurveda will make a major breakthrough in the 21st century.
Vishnu Pawar(Sr Manager Project Development National Plastic Silvassa)
Vishnu Pawar(Sr Manager Project Development National Plastic Silvassa) has a longstanding friendship with us since last 5 years. He has been visiting us consistently every week to rejuvenate his mind and body and merely experience the best of Ayurveda.