Major Clients

Mrs. Vashali P Patel, Silvassa
Very nice, prompt hospitality.
Mr. Ajeet Yadav (President DNHIA)
The well trained therapists and good ambience are what I like most about Shanthy Theeram.
Mr.Vijaya Kumar P.V (President, Sarigam Ayyappa Swamy Temple trust)
After going through Ayurveda Panchakarma my body feels light. I feel very good. This is a very ancient Indian treatment. A lot of work is going into ensuring that these age old techniques are not lost. This is of utmost importance. The staff, here are all extremely good at what they do and I thank them for their support and co-operation.
Mr. Deshmukh R.R (Hon. District and Principal Session Judge UTs of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli )
Treatment is very nice. Feeling better and relaxed. It is very beneficial. I pray and wish good success to clinic.
Mr. Vivek, Silvassa
Experience was very good, my all tiredness is gone and feeling better. Thanks to Jacob Sir.
Shri, Peter Macwan, SFS Asst. Conservator of Forest.
My wife had a blissful time at Shanthy Theeram for Panchakarma treatments . The facilities are excellent. The therapists conduct each session with a lot of love and attention to detail. She is very grateful for the treatment received from Dr.Shankaran Moos and by therapist Rosmy . I have had quite a bit of exposure to Ayurveda before however was further delighted to learn and experience Neurotherapy and Keralyian Panchakarma therapy. The combination of these two forms of treatment along with the proper care and love really enhanced the experience and for me, I believe accelerated the recovery. Thank you for bringing balance out lives.
Mr. Shahu(General manager Prince company)
I love the Swedish Massage at Shanthy Theeram because of the extra pressure at the right point.
Dr. Rashida (ShriVBCH Silvassa)
Very rejuvenating! Had an amazing Experience!!!
Mr. Shyam Sunder Ji from Delhi
This is a healing center of positive vibrations. Exceptionally planned, built and maintained. Value of Ayurveda and herbal medicine is being increasingly realized and respected all over the world. Management’s vision is being fulfilled here by dedicated therapists. I enjoyed the Marma Therapy. I will come again for a longer stay and treatment. Thank you dear Jacob and Rosmy.
Mr. Praveen Malhothra
Holistically, apart from the serene and peaceful atmosphere at Silvassa, what really makes it unique is the hospitality offered to each individual along with the Ayurvedic medicinal preparations that are used for treatments. The treatments are well planned and executed with great care and every other day its offered with the same compassion. Being away from the crowded concrete jungle, we were really rejuvenated with the peaceful atmosphere and enjoyed the evening satsang at the Brammakumaris ashram and the local sightseeing too. We have been regular visitors for the past 2 years now at Shanthy Theeram for Rhea’s eye treatments and have seen that her vision has improved over the years and happy that it is stable and not increasing in power, which is common when you start using spectacles. I have always wanted and provided information to friends to benefit from Netra dhara, Pindy and Netra Tarpan and many of them have already visited Panchkarma centers near to them . For others who are not aware, will say that it is a gift that Ayurveda has to offer and can say that its best put to use at Shanthy Theeram. I always look forward to it and so does Rhea!