Shanthy Theeram’s Treatment for Sinusitis & Migraine
This is a minimum 7 day package that can be extended if needed. Ayurvedic treatment of Migraine and Sinusitis is a complete all inclusive treatment that is centered on the pacification of Pitta Dosha, and restoration of digestive function in the body. Patients are given herbal medicines as well as customized diet and lifestyle plans in accordance with their body constitution to eliminate the root cause of disease. The main therapies that are done along with the lifestyle and dietary changes are Nasyam, Abhyangam and sometimes Sirodhara. All the treatments and the diets to be followed are modified differently for every person depending on the doctor’s consultation and the constitution and physiology of the patient. Special Yoga classes are also provided as Yoga treatments have been found to serve both as an alternative and as a supplement for dealing with Migraine and Sinusitis. Yoga is known to offer both cure and immunity from headaches.

Shanthy Theeram's Treatment for Bronchial Diseases
There are various therapy treatments and internal medications that you will receive during the7-21 days of your in-residence stay. Shanthy Theeram has several daily treatment programs of Abhyangam massage, Nasyam, and mild herbal enema that are provided during the in-residence stay. The combination of these three treatments received every day for 7 to 21 days creates the ideal internal physical environment for healing. Your Ayurveda Health Doctor will choose specific herbalized oil that is exclusively prepared for your condition. Herbalized oil massage provides a extremely soothing and harmonizing effect for the entire physiology. The strokes of massage create heat and friction that improves circulation and helps to cleanse affected tissues of chemical impurities that cause symptoms of bronchitis. You will also receive instructions to massage these oils on your own in future. And along with that there will be yoga and meditation classes for postural corrections and teaching of proper breathing techniques. This facilitates relief and prevention of further episodes of bronchial attack. Yoga and meditation also help relieve emotional disturbances and anxiety.
Shanthy Theerams Treatment for Hypertension
Typically this program is for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. Shanthy Theeram’s Ayurvedic treatment for hypertension aims at identifying the root cause of the ailment and then administering herbal medications and various massage treatment like Sirodhara, Thakaradhara and Abhyangam to eradicate the problem from its roots. For this to happen, it is imperative that digestion is improved and the digestive fire is strengthened and that is done by following an ayurvedic diet as prescribed by our dieticians. Secondly, the toxins that have accumulated in the body needs to be eliminated. And lastly, mind relaxation techniques – including meditation, yoga and pranayama – are recommended to ensure that the mind remains calm and stable. It is noteworthy that in all the massages oil plays a very important role and different oil is used for every person depending on individual necessities for reducing the stress.
Shanthy's Treatment for Nervous Disability
Shanthy Theeram is all about Ayurveda remedies. Nervous disability can affect anybody at any age. The Ayurvedic treatment this ailment is specifically aimed at treating the basic pathology of the disease. The treatment will include internal medicines for correcting disabilities and various therapeutic programs that includes Sirodhara, Sirovasti, Nasyam, Pizhichil and Pichu. All the treatment varies with each patient and no two individuals may be offered the same treatment. The major aspects of an ayurvedic treatment for nervous disability is maintaining a proper diet, healing supplements, yoga and ayurvedic therapies that nourish and empower the nervous system. The effectiveness of ayurvedic treatments in helping to recover from nervous disabilities and diseases and in the supportive aspect is unmatched.
Shanthy Theeram's Treatment for Slip Disc
This program is for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. Shanthy Theeram-The Ayurvedic Holistic Panchakarma Centre offers the best treatments available for Slip Disc (or spinal disc herniation). Ayurveda has excellent Ayurveda treatments and Ayurvedic medicines for the best result for Slip Disc treatments. This program includes Elakizhi, Vasti and Kativasti. Though this is the common treatment procedure, the final treatment plan and length of treatment required is established after our Ayurveda doctor sees the patient and evaluates his/her condition. With the help of massages and internal medication we have developed a unique healing procedure for the disc. It helps by strengthening the affected area of the disc and also holistically causing complete rejuvenation of the whole spine.

Shanthy Theera’s Treatment for Arthritis & Spondylitis
This program is for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. Arthritis & Spondylitis is a common ailment affecting usually men and women above age of 40, especially those with less bone density or calcium deficiency. The only treatment through modern medicine for Spondylitis is Bed-rest, traction and administration of medicines for acute conditions. Ayurveda comes to the rescue and has effective procedures & traditional knowledge in combating chronic problems like Spondylitis and Arthritis. Along with some internal medication the basic therapies used for arthritis are: Elakizhi, Pizhichil, Muttakizhi, Manalkizhi and Januvasti. The final treatment plan is dependent on the doctor after seeing the patient and in some cases instead of Vasti Virechana are given. For Spondylitis along with ayurvedic medication the basic therapies used are: Elakizhi, Kativasti, Greevavasti, Kadhikizhi, Shirodhara, Nasyam. With these effective & safe Ayurvedic remedies, we can balance root cause affecting Arthritis & Spondylitis and offer an excellent solution.
Shanthy Theeram's Treatment for Rheumatism
As you would have often heard, Ayurveda treats the person and not the disease directly. In the case of Rheumatism the Ayurvedic Doctor follows a body cleansing/ purification treatment schedule with the aim of immune correction to stop further attacks and damage of the joints. Thereafter a detailed program is followed which includes Elakizhi, Pizhichil, Muttakizhi, Manalkizhi, Greevavasti, Kadhikizhi, Shirodhara, Nasyam and Januvasti. One thing to be noted is all the therapies are changed and customized after a consultation with the doctor. Different oils are used for all the people. For example we use altered herbal oil for an overweight person, and different oil for a young individual. Sometimes if oil is not suitable for your ailment the method of Manalkizhi and Udgharshanam is used.
Shanthy Theeram's Treatment for Chronic Back Pain
Shanthy Theeram Ayurveda recommends a holistic and integrated method in the treatment of chronic back pain. The Ayurvedic treatments like Abhyangam, Vasti, Elakizhi and Kativasti are very much helpful in relieving backache and correcting the causes. Yoga postures that encourage focus and strengthening of the back are also an important part of this package.
Shanthy Theeram's Treatment for Various Skin Diseases
Skin is the biggest organ of the human body. Skin, according to Ayurveda, has various layers. For this reason skin diseases have deep rooted causes; therefore its remedies also have to be penetrative. Some of the specialized treatments which are given are Kayalepam (different medications and herbs are used for each condition), Manjalkizhi, Thakradhara and also internal medication and a strict diet is prescribed by the Ayurvedic health Consultant. As stress and other mental fatigues are big factors in the development of skin disease you should do all that you can to avoid them. Simple things like keeping to a regular sleeping pattern can work wonders. Yoga, meditation and other breathing exercises are a regular part of this treatment package.
Shanthy Theeram's Treatment for Facial Paralysis
Facial nerve paralysis is a problem that involves the paralysis of any structures innervated by the facial nerve. In Ayurveda it is believed that this is a vata disorder because. The main pathology behind facial paralysis is the inflammation of a particular nerve. And in Ayurveda without the involvement of pitta there won’t be any inflammation. So for positive results in such cases it is important to get the doshic balance and the proper vata functioning. Treatment procedure include both internal and external therapies This program includes giving the patient herbal medication to reduce the inflammation. Special tablets, choornas, ghee preparations which can purify the blood improve the brain functioning and increase regeneration. External procedure includes Thalam, Nasyam, Sirodhara, Pichu, Sirovasti, Podikizhi, Ksheeradhoomam, and rehabilitation therapy through yoga and meditation.
Shanthy Theeram's Treatment for Diabetes
Shanthy Theeram’s Ayurvedic treatments for diabetes range from simple oral medications to some purification and massage treatments like Thakaradhara, Pizhichil, Abhyangam and diet planning based on the necessity of the condition. Also a lot of stress is given on yoga and physical fitness. Our expert Ayurveda consultants plan individualized diet that help to lead a low stress level in life. This will eventually help to maintain a healthy glucose level in the body.